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Another Town Bids Farewell to Hometown Paper

The recent obituary for our hometown paper began: We have made a sincere and earnest effort to keep our free two community newspapers financially viable. However …

If the words sound familiar, it’s because newspapers have been failing for a while. In Tucson, the Citizen is gone. Same for the …

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Kensington Day of the Book Fest Coming 4/26

Ten years ago a simple sidewalk literary event debuted in Kensington, MD, with a handful of authors and barely enough visitors to fill a subway car.

On April 26, more than 80 authors and a record crowd of 5,000 will be on hand to celebrate the International Day of the Book Festival’s 10th anniver…

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What Goes in Our 2015 Time Capsule?

What were Paul Revere and Sam Adams thinking 220 years ago when they packed a time capsule that would sit beneath the new Massachusetts State House? What clues about their state of mind should we take away from the newspapers, coins and other trinkets they placed in the little box?

In 1795, t…

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