Don't Waste One More Day

Most people have two lives – the one they’re living and the life of their dreams. But we only go around once, so why waste a single day not doing what brings the most joy and fulfillment? Let’s leverage my experience as a reporter turned speechwriter turned university professor, author and coach to help you seize your vision of achievement, balance and satisfaction. And yes, we’ll have some fun along the way.



Communication: Not Optional


The clash between tradition and technology has touched off big changes in many fields, especially the communications industry. Stress and uncertainty are higher than ever among pros already anxious about tight deadlines, dwindling resources, and demanding clients and audiences. I help clients navigate common pain points such as job security, professional satisfaction, and work-life balance. A one-time Washington Correspondent whose job was cut to help meet the bottom line, I work from a place of experience and empathy, pragmatism and humor.


Your Coach

I began Next Phase Life Coaching while working as a media and presentation trainer in the town that most needs that sort of help, Washington, D.C., I’m a former journalist who spent ten years as a speechwriter and communications manager in the federal government. I hold a Masters in fiction from Johns Hopkins University, have published two novels, and am at work on a third, plus a non-fiction book tied to my coaching practice. I also teach students at my alma mater, American University, never to write or believe fake news.



Books by Steve

Steve, a New Yorker who holds a Masters in Fiction from Johns Hopkins University, has also published four novels inspired by his career writing for Southern newspapers.


Your New Fighting Stance
Life doesn’t wait or issue warnings, so be ready. Your readiness guide, based on the hell-and-back stories of 15 ordinary people who overcame extraordinary challenges. Learn more in these 60 seconds.

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A disgraced journalist stumbles on a story that will let him reclaim his career, but redemption comes with a price: he must place his faith in the racist senator he once exposed as a murderer.

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Isabel Moss knew she could lose her husband when he went off to war. When the call came, she was almost ready. What stopped her cold was the second call.

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A horrific crime links a racist U.S. senator and the candidate about to become South Carolina's first black congressman since the Civil War. A rookie reporter uncovers the truth just before Election Day.

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