Life doesn't wait.
Start acting, stop reacting.
Because good enough isn’t, and you know it.

Next Phase Life Coaching with Steve Piacente


Steve’s new book:
A step-by-step guide to your fighting stance


Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

When is good enough no longer good enough? What would it be like to refocus your precious energy from the hassle to the horizon? Why can’t your next phase deliver the life you’ve always wanted? It can. Look past the job, the email, and all those little screens you’ve allowed to become so important. Expand your field of vision. Explore new possibilities. What you want is within reach. 



Challenge, Conquer, Celebrate

As your coach and partner, I’ll help you identify and vanquish your inner critic, question and overcome tired, old beliefs that are holding you back, and plot specific plans to achieve new goals.



Take the eli
The online Energy Leadership Index benchmarks our starting point

assess the obstacles
Understanding the blocks tells us which tools to deploy

step smart to move forwarD
Setting achievable targets leads to measurable progress

Adjust and augment
Personal Growth quickly transforms hurdles into highways



Coaching sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or in person.


"Steve’s unique background brings a comprehensive view to coaching. His ability to examine your personal background and utilize those findings to build a strategic roadmap to professional success is ideal."

Scott LaGrand, Chief Development Officer,
National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy


Been There,
Beat That

After 20 successful years of daily newspaper reporting, I awoke one day to a startling headline. My job as a Washington correspondent had been cut. The boss blamed the economy. Great. Journalism was all I knew, wasn’t it? But I was wrong.

I became a speechwriter, and later, a communications manager, author, university professor, and media and presentation trainer. The moment of panic years earlier stemmed from a belief that my skills only applied to one discipline. It took a while to celebrate how wrong I was, and to realize that every road I took was leading to what I enjoy most – life coaching.

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"Steve was able to access my situation and challenges, and offer me incredible feedback and insight in a kind and straightforward manner. I noticed my career advancing while my self esteem soared. "

Gaya Lynn, Director of Communications
World Finance News, Inc.



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